"Nanny Boutique will take time to find the right nanny and will not push candidates on you that they know won't suit your needs. Rita is a resource throughout the process, including giving tips on how to interview and negotiate the agreement and much more."


At the Nanny Boutique we realize that trusting someone with your most cherished possession can be difficult.  We are trained to help you through the process of finding right fit for your family’s needs.  While there are times where families need a nanny as quickly as possible, that does not mean important steps should be skipped. The most frustrating thing that can happen to a family is to hire someone that doesn’t work out…it is our most frustrating thing as well!  While it can happen, we do offer a 30-day guarantee period.  If for any reason a nanny does not stay with a family within the first 30 days of the placement, we will replace the nanny at no additional charge.

We take pride in our process  and have built our reputation on finding the perfect fit for your family’s needs.

Thanks for Visiting Nanny Boutique!

With the recent concerns of the spread of COVID-19, Coronavirus, The Nanny Boutique has made the difficult decision to halt operations until this pandemic is over.

We love our families and nannies and will miss them! We want everyone to be stay safe and be healthy.

We look forward to finding the perfect nanny for your family very soon.