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Babysitting vs Nanny -- "What's the Difference?"

We often are asked this question and the answer is, there is a big difference.  Although our screening process is very similar for both, the IRS identifies a nanny as a household employee while Babysitters are usually independent contractors.  A nanny is not an independent contractor if there are set days and hours, a job description, set duties and the family provides all supplies such as bottles, diapers, food, etc.

Babysitters are hired by the hour and the rate is based on the number of children.  A sitter will come to your home, hotel, church, wedding reception site, etc.  Our sitters remain on the property and will not transport children in their personal vehicle.  Parents give instruction to the babysitter after arrival; such as meals, bed time routines, special need instructions, etc.  A family has the ability to request a particular sitter but we cannot guarantee the same sitter will always be available.  If a family utilizes our sitting service over a period of time, chances are you will become familiar with more than one sitter.  Of course, we try and match a babysitter to your family’s preference, you have the ability to request a certain type of babysitter if you choose.

Nannies are hired household employees of the family, not the agency.  Generally, a one-year commitment is standard in the nanny industry, unless otherwise specified.  A nanny works whatever hours a family may need and is outlined in the work agreement. All household duties a nanny may take on are generally related to the children.  A nanny may also provide errands for a family, grocery shop, transport the children to various activities.  If transporting of children is part of a nanny’s job description, the family may provide the vehicle.  If not,  the nanny should be reimbursed mileage  when she is on the clock or when she is transporting the family’s children.  Nanny duties may also include children’s laundry, keeping the children’s areas straight, meals and cleaning up the kitchen area after meals prepared while the nanny is on duty.  It should not include cleaning up the kitchen in the morning from dinner the night before or heavy housework such as vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms or mopping floors.

Nannies are paid a salary or hourly wage and the family is responsible for paying the employers share of the nanny taxes and social security.  In the state of North Carolina, a family’s tax obligation is social security, FICA and unemployment.  While the job description may vary with each family, nannies expect to work consistent hours, whether it be part-time of full-time and look for such benefits as paid vacation, paid sick time off, holidays off and paid.  The same attributes anyone else would be seeking when searching for a permanent position.  Contributing towards a nanny’s health-care premium and benefits may vary with each family.  This will all be discussed once a representative from the Nanny Boutique consults with your family.

The Nanny Boutiques is a participating member of the International Nanny Association, the INA, following their recommended practice for Placement Agencies.

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