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Holiday Tipping Tips…

DON’T BE A SCROOGE when it comes to tipping your family’s caregiver!

Remember this holiday season to be generous to others who may be extensions of your family – your nanny, babysitter or mother’s helper may come to mind?

You can easily brighten your babysitters holiday by tipping one night’s wages and a handmade card from your child. After all, she is there looking after your little one so you can go out and play.

If you employ a nanny is it industry standard to tip one week’s salary and a small gift from the child or children they care for.

Holiday tipping should not be a burden in any way and everyone knows times are tight, so give what you can. Here are some ideas that are sure to not break the pocket book…

• homemade cookies or holiday treats

• a handmade craft or keepsake for the nanny from the children

• a sweet thank you note from your family with a gift card to their favorite store

• a nice lunch with the family

• a holiday play

• ipod music card

• Movie passes to a holiday movie

Just a little bit of thoughtfulness will go along way and the loyalty you have received throughout the year will continue on.


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