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Libraries are important in Raleigh NC

The weather becomes chilly this time of year. When was the last time you visited the local Raleigh, Chapel Hill or Durham library on a soggy day? At the Nanny Boutique we pride ourselves in educating our nannies¬† to take advantage of great resources like local libraries and children’s story time.

With the school year into effect, some local NC Libraries have revamped their children’s programs. Children’s librarians offer weekly events for young children; from babies to 5-year olds, the goal is to prep kids for school. It gets children learning and listening in a very fun environment! Even newborns have the opportunity to attend a 20 minute baby story time. The program works by mixing stories, music and rhyme.

Once children begin walking they are moved up into a 20 minute toddler stoy time until age 3. Not only is it education but toddlers have fun attending.  Also offered is a 30 minute story time for children ages 3-5, focusing on vocabulary.

A nice perk attending the library for story time is parents can utilize librarians as a resource in learning how to further the educational experiences at home. Thinking of things children enjoy does not need to be pricey. Keep in mind library activities are fun and free!

No matter where in North Carolina you are (Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, etc) please check with your local library when they offer story time, enjoy!

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