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Nanny Cams– To Use or Not To Use???

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Small cameras that are used to secretly film your nanny- also known as Nanny Cams- have become increasingly popular over the years and are also sparking a great controversy in their wake.  Here in the Raleigh area- including Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, Chapel Hill, and Apex- we are very technologically adept and many families are implementing the use of nanny cams… but the big question is are nanny cams legal?  Should your Raleigh or Durham family use a nanny cam?  What are the pros and cons of using a nanny camera in your Cary, Apex or Chapel Hill home?

        As a matter of fact, it is actually legal to use hidden cameras to spy on your nanny in all 50 states.  What is not always legal is the use of taped audio recordings- laws differ according to which state you live in.  In North Carolina, there are currently no laws against audio recording your nanny in addition to video recording.  Yet, why would you want to record your nanny or babysitter?  Often times parents are so anxious about leaving their children at home alone with “people they don’t know” that they resort to these measures.  These small cameras are now being so well designed that they can be hidden in stuffed animals and even designed to look like lego blocks!  As a nanny myself, the thought of this, frankly, terrifies me!

        So what are some ways that our Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex families can avoid the use of nanny cams?  First of all, here at The Nanny Boutique all of our nannies and sitters are background checked and CPR certified.  We are also a participating member of the International Nanny Association and follow their recommended guidelines for placing nannies and sitters in your Raleigh and Durham homes.  This means that when you book a sitter from Nanny Boutique, not just anybody off of the street is walking into your home.  There is an extensive interview process for our nannies and sitters and we pride ourselves upon having the best of the best in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill and Apex areas.

        Another rule to follow when hiring a new nanny or sitter is to be upfront about what you expect out of them.  By making clear guidelines such as “texting is okay after the kids have gone to bed” will let your nanny know right away what is and what is not okay when watching your children.  This will make for a much smoother relationship between your nanny and yourself.   If you MUST use a nanny cam, please let your nanny know that surveillance is being implemented before caring for your children.  No one likes surprises, and your nanny or sitter will feel much easier knowing that they are being watched rather than finding a tiny LEGO camera spying on them.  By setting expectations early on in your relationship with your nanny or sitter, you will be sure to find out sooner rather than later whether or not your nanny will be a good fit for your family.

The Nanny Boutique is a nanny placement agency, consultant for household employers and babysitting service that specializes in placing caregivers or babysitters and nannies in the Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill areas.


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What You Need to Know About Sudden Infant Death Syndrome…SIDS

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014


Information and Prevention from The Nanny Boutique

            According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year 2,000 infants are lost due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).  SIDS is a syndrome in which otherwise apparently healthy infants under the age of 12 months die unexpectedly.  Although there are several theories proposed regarding the cause of SIDS, the exact cause of these deaths remains unknown.  Under investigation, autopsy results fail to show an adequate cause of death in SIDS infants.  This is an issue that affects many families across the world as well as right here in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, and Morrisville areas.  Here at the Nanny Boutique, infant safety is very important to us and is an integral part of our job here in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, and Chapel Hill.  While there is no known cause of SIDS, there are some known statistics that put your infant at risk for SIDS.  We hope that our Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Apex, and Morrisville families will take the time to learn the following information about SIDS.

Did you know that SIDS:

       Most frequently occurs during the winter months.

       Death usually occurs during sleep periods, but not necessarily at night.

       Most often affects infants from 2 – 3 months of age.

       Incidence is higher in boys.

       Incidence is higher in Native Americans, African Americans, and Hispanics as well as in lower socioeconomic groups.

       Incidence has been found to be lower in breastfed infants as well as infants who sleep with a pacifier.

Conditions that may put your infant at a higher risk for SIDS:

       Infants who are put to sleep on their stomachs.

       Infants who sleep in soft bedding or who rest on non-infant bedding such as a sofa.

       Infants that are overheated.

       Allowing your infant to sleep in parent’s bed.

       Infants who are exposed to tobacco smoke after birth and infants born to mothers who smoked cigarettes or abused substances during pregnancy.

            As parents, nannies, and sitters here in Raleigh, it is our job to ensure that we are all taking the right precautions when it comes to caring for our infants.  By taking simple measures such as removing toys from baby cribs and making sure that our little ones are not becoming overheated by excess clothing or blankets, we may be able to reduce the risk of SIDS in our much loved infants.  Please remember that, while there are prevention measures that can be taken place to reduce the risk of SIDS, it is still a phenomenon that cannot be fully explained and parents who have lost children to SIDS should not be to blame.  If you know of someone who has lost an infant to SIDS here in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex, then you know that this is a debilitating event that can happen to any family.  At the Nanny Boutique, we want to work with our fantastic families to make certain that we are doing everything we can to reduce exposing our infants to known risk factors of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

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The Easter Bunny Craze: Why you may want to think twice before purchasing a rabbit this Easter…

Monday, April 7th, 2014

Now that spring has sprung here in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Morrisville area, everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather outside and getting geared up to celebrate Easter with their families.  This, for many, includes Easter eggs hunts, beautiful dresses, and lots and lots of candy!  A visit from the Easter bunny is always a fun surprise for your family… and often time’s people purchase live bunny rabbits at Easter.  Often families may not think twice about this Easter fad, but here at The Nanny Boutique we want our Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Morrisville families to be well informed about what potential consequences can come along with purchasing a live Easter rabbit.

            Did you know that most of the rabbits that are purchased at Easter either end up on the streets or abandoned at local shelters?  Most of the rabbits that are abandoned on the streets suffer attacks from other animals and predators and most of these rabbits do not survive.  Often times, people do not consider introducing a rabbit into the family as big of a commitment as getting a dog or a cat, but they require just as much love and maintenance.  These bunnies also require special veterinary care, just like cats and dogs, such as being spayed and neutered.  The rabbits that you purchase from the pet store and breeders are not wild animals who should not live outside and cannot protect and care for themselves outdoors.  They are just as domesticated as the other pets in your Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Morrisville homes and need lots of love and attention.  They are easily frightened by little children who want to chase and squeeze them and do not cope well in high stress environments.  They need to be part of families who are ready to love them for more than just a few days and take on the challenge of caring for them, just as they would for their other pets.

            This Easter if you are thinking of surprising your little ones with a cute little bunny, please consider how much of a commitment this will be for your family.  If you and your family are ready to bring a rabbit into your home here in the Raleigh and Durham area, please consider adopting from a local shelter rather than purchasing from a pet store or breeder.  There are many shelters here in North Carolina and specifically here in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, and Apex.  The following shelters in the area often have rabbits available for adoption and can be a great option for bringing a new pet into your home:

SPCA of Wake County

200 Petfinder Lane

Raleigh, NC 27603


Wake County Animal Shelter

820 Beacon Lake Drive

Raleigh, NC 27610


Orange County Animal Shelter

1081 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd/Historic Airport Rd.

Chapel Hill, NC 27514                                                   


Guilford County Animal Shelter

4525 West Wendover Ave.

Greensboro, NC 27409


Animal Protection Society of Durham

2117 E. Club Blvd.

Durham, NC 27704


Chatham County Animal Shelter

725 County Landfill Rd.

Pittsboro, NC 27312


Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control

8315 Byrum Drive

Charlotte, NC 28217


            Remember, here at The Nanny Boutique we truly care about our families- and that includes their pets!  If your family is considering bringing a rabbit into your home this Easter, we hope that you will keep our advice in mind.  Bunnies can be very faithful and loving pets if they are brought up in the right conditions and they require a lot of care and love.  We hope that you and your family have a very Happy Easter and we look forward to hearing what the Easter bunny has brought for your little ones!

The Nanny Boutique is a nanny and babysitting agency that specializes in placing caregivers or babysitters and nannies in the Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill areas.

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Your Social Media…How Much is TOO much

Monday, March 10th, 2014

Living in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex, we are in the heart of an area that is filled with growing consumers and almost everyone of those people have a smartphone.  In an area such as Raleigh, Durham, and Morrisville, technology is just literally at the tip of our fingers.  Emailing your boss can take all of five seconds and many tech savvy people in this Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex area are often even able to work from home on a regular basis thanks to the ability to communicate instantly via internet.  There are great benefits to living in such a consumer driven area, such as Raleigh and Durham, that is full of technological advancement, but how does this accessibility of technology affect our personal life?  So many people are sharing information and pictures on social media websites, often times of their children, without even taking a second to think about what they are sharing with the world.  A simple picture of your little one may be harmless enough, but how much is too much when it comes to using social media?

            We all have that one friend (or two or three) where you know exactly what their child ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and who are so post crazy that absolutely nothing is left up to the imagination.  Do you really need to let the world know that you got your son another skylanders toy or that your baby girl just burped up on you for the very first time?  Milestones in your child’s life are surely important moments for your family and of course you want to document every single minute, but do all of your friends and family really want or need to watch a 20 minute video of the first time your child ate a banana?  Chances are, probably not…. so here a few tips you may want to keep in mind when using social media to post about your children:

       Less is More – Posting an entire album of your child every day may be going a bit overboard…. (and yes, we here at Nanny Boutique have witnessed this!)  There is probably a reason that you are getting only a few likes here and there when you post or that no one is commenting on your social media site – people are simply scrolling right past your feed.  We want to see quality photos rather than the quantity of photos you are able to post in a given day.  Take the hint that people just aren’t that interested in every single moment of your child’s life and perhaps keep it to those special moments like family trips and birthdays.

       Keep Some Dignity – Speaking of birthdays, is viewing pictures of your children in their birthday suits really necessary?  We really don’t need to see pictures or hear about your child’s potty time and diaper blowouts.  Having handheld albums with these types of pictures was embarrassing enough back in the day, but to have them eternally floating around on the internet for years to come?  Enough said.

       What happened to YOU? – Yes, we know that your children are your whole world and that they most definitely consume your life, but people still want to know about you.  Think of why you became friends with the people you have met in the first place – probably because they are interested in you in some kind of way.  It’s easy to forget who we are when we have little extensions of ourselves, but just keep in mind that this is YOUR social media site and not your child’s.


            Social media is definitely a big part of our technological world here in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville, and Chapel Hill area and being able to share on these sites has become a standard in our everyday lives.  Here at Nanny Boutique, we love hearing funny stories about your children and seeing pictures as they grow into the people that they are yet to become… but please, do us a favor and spare us the next time your child goes number two in the bathtub.  Keep it to those special moments that your friends and family really want to know about next time you decide to share your little one with the world.

The Nanny Boutique is a nanny and babysitting agency that specializes in placing caregivers or babysitters and nannies in the Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill areas.

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Protecting Children from the Dangers of Your own Home

Friday, February 7th, 2014

            Your house is everything- the place where you’ve built your life and raised your family….  It’s more than a house, it’s your home.  Whether you’re snuggling on the couch watching television with your little ones after a long day or cooking your family a nice warm meal, there is something so peaceful about lounging around in your jammies and spending time with the ones that you love.  Your house is your sanctuary and is what most consider to be where they feel the safest.  Yet, did you know that there are hazards all around your home?  Unlike those hazards that present themselves in the community here in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, and Apex, these dangers aren’t always visible to the human eye- which makes them even more likely to be overlooked!

            You may think that by cooking your family a nice, yummy dinner that you are providing them with nourishment to keep them growing and strong- and this is true, but without proper food handling techniques you may be unintentionally spreading E. Coli and Salmonella.  Both of these bacteria affect your gastrointestinal tract and can cause symptoms such as severe dehydration and diarrhea.  Make sure that you are not passing these germs on to your family by washing your hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water before and after preparing raw meats.  Also make sure that you are using separate cutting boards, not only between meats and vegetables, but also between different types of meats.  These measures, along with cooking meats at safe temperatures, can help ensure that you are protecting your family from the risk of a bacterial infection.

            Do you know what year your home was built in?  There are so many different types of homes here in our Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, Apex, and Morrisville areas.  There is much new development here in Raleigh, but there are a lot of historic houses here in Downtown Raleigh and Downtown Apex.  If your house was built before 1978 and hasn’t been updated, then lead is most likely lurking in your paint, household dust, pipes for drinking water, and even your soil.  Side effects of lead poisoning include changes in mental development as well as behavior and nerve disorders.  Avoid exposing your children to these dangers by getting your house tested.  If your house in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex area was built before 1978 and you suspect lead poisoning, it is also important that you get your children tested and treated.

            Another silent peril in your home is carbon monoxide.  Hiding in your kerosene and gas space heaters as well as your gas water heaters, wood stoves, fireplaces, automobile exhausts, and tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide is a flavorless, odorless gas.  Unfortunately, carbon monoxide gives almost no warning before you become very sick causing symptoms very similar to the flu and even death.  According to the CDC, approximately 500 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning each year.  You can help ensure this doesn’t happen to your family by having a qualified technician service your gas appliances and fireplaces each year.  You can also install a carbon monoxide detector in your home which you can purchase at your local Walmart or Target here in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, and Chapel Hill area.

            As you can see, there are many risks around your household that could be harming your family.  They won’t always jump out in front of you such as the everyday dangers that can present themselves in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex communities, but they are most definitely to be taken seriously.  By following the measures above, you can help ensure that your family really is safe and sound in your peaceful sanctuary also known as home.

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The Importance of Having Your Children Vaccinated from the Flu

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

It’s that bone chilling time of year again with the passing of the Polar Vortex in full effect here in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex areas.  You’ll be lucky if you can even get your child to put on a coat, let alone a hat and mittens, but what about those flu vaccines?  Is it too late to get one?  Are they even helpful?  Well the answer is no it’s not too late to get one and yes they are helpful. The single best way to prevent your child from getting the influenza virus is to make sure they are vaccinated annually.

          According to the CDC.gov, “each year an average of 20,000 children under the age of 5 are hospitalized because of influenza complications” and more than 165 flu-related pediatric deaths were reported during the 2012-2013 influenza season.  The flu is much more serious than the common cold and the CDC recommends that all children 6 months of age and older get the flu vaccine.

          There are a couple of different types of vaccines available for your children.  You can choose a standard dose shot that is approved for children over the age of 6 months or a standard dose nasal spray approved for all children over 2 years of age.  Each version of the vaccine protects against 3-4 different strains of the flu virus.  This helps to ensure that your children are protected from various forms of the flu that, based on research, are likely to appear during that particular influenza season.

          So where is the best place to search for that flu shot here in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, and Chapel Hill areas? There’s no need to even have to go to your doctor’s office.  There are numerous CVS and Walgreens in the Morrisville, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, and Chapel Hill areas that offer these vaccinations.  There are also many Targets that have pharmacies including the smaller ones such as in Brier Creek of Raleigh and Supertargets located in Morrisville as well as Raleigh near Triangle Town Center and the Southpoint area of Durham.  Another place you may not expect to get your flu shot is Costco, either in Durham on N. Pointe Drive near Duke Campus or in Raleigh off of Wake Forest Road.

          It just goes to show that there are multiple locations here in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, and Apex where flu vaccinations are available.  Do your children a favor and get them vaccinated!  With extreme weather like the polar vortex rolling around all over the country, including our very own Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, it’s better to be safe than sorry!


The Nanny Boutique is a nanny and babysitting agency that specializes in placing caregivers or babysitters and nannies in the Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill areas.

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‘Tis the Season!

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

The holidays are upon us! As you drive through the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas there are lights everywhere you look. Whether it is the Christmas tree at Briar Creek, the holiday wreaths that line the streets of Apex, or the lights brightening the homes of Cary, we are surrounded by Holiday Cheer.


Regardless of religion or belief this is a season of family, friends, and happiness. From Thanksgiving through New Years the families of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill can be seen celebrating. Stores are lined with discounts, Christmas lights, and the latest and greatest toys for children to beg their parents to buy.


Often times we allow our children to become so wrapped up in the “want” of the holidays that we forget about the “give”. This year, we at the Nanny Boutique encourage the families of Apex, Cary, and Raleigh to teach your children the importance of giving back.


There are many ways to give back during the holiday season, allowing families to determine how much of a commitment they want to make. The amount of time spent “giving” is unimportant; the true magic of the season is showing children that while it is fun to receive presents, it is also fun to give back to those who are less fortunate.


One way to give back is to donate to Toys for Tots. This can be done in a number of ways; either by buying a toy with your child to donate, or by hosting a “Toys for Tots” party in which invitees are encouraged to bring a toy to donate for the children in need. The next step is to drop these toys off at any Toys for Tots drop site. These include the Apex Fire station, the Cary Autopark, and the Fidelity Investments in Raleigh.


**For a complete list of Toys for Tots drop sites in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, please visit: http://raleigh-nc.toysfortots.org/local-coordinator-sites/lco-sites/donate-toys.aspx **


Another way to get in the giving mood this holiday season is by picking out an “angel” from an angel tree. This allows you to purchase gifts and essentials for children who may not have the opportunity to receive gifts this holiday season. Many churches and businesses participate in Angel Trees; a few examples are St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Cary, or Edenton Street United Methodist Church in Raleigh. This is a good way to take your child out to shop for someone else, and to explain how there are some families that simply do not have the same holiday experiences as others.


Lastly, the whole family could take the time to volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter. Volunteers are appreciated all year, but they are especially necessary during the holiday season, when more people are looking to spend time with other people and enjoy a hot meal. The food bank in Raleigh hosts a kids day, in which children ages 5-12 can assist in age appropriate activities.

**For more information on volunteering or donating to the Raleigh Food Bank please visit: http://www.foodbankcenc.org/site/PageServer?pagename=getinvolved_volunteer **


Another great place to volunteer for the whole family is the Durham Rescue Mission.

The Durham Rescue missions gives people the opportunity to donate to the Thrift Shop, donate money in order to provide meals, or donate time to serve food to those in need.


**For more information on volunteering or donating to the Durham Rescue Mission please visit: http://www.durhamrescuemission.org/ **


No matter how you choose to spend your holiday season in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, there is always an opportunity to discuss with your children the importance of giving back. There are many places to volunteer or donate, whether you live in Cary, Raleigh or Apex, and as is true in any situation, a little goes a long way.


Happy Holidays from those of us at the Nanny Boutique!


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Is Your Child Being Bullied? How to Find Out and Stop it Now!

Monday, November 18th, 2013

Our team of dedicated and faithful nannies at Nanny Boutique have spent a lot of time getting to know your children.  Whether it’s babysitting for families, church nurseries, or even at hotels here in Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill, we have grown to know and care for your little ones as if they were our own.  It doesn’t matter if we’ve only become acquainted with your child for a night or if we have been watching them grow up here in Raleigh, Cary, and Durham right alongside you over the years- we are always concerned about their safety and well-being.

One of the most common disturbances we sometimes see here in Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Apex among children is bullying.  It could be verbal bullying (teasing or name calling), social bullying (leaving someone out in a group or spreading rumors), or even physical bullying (pinching, pushing, spitting)… none of it is okay!  So how can you tell that your child is being bullied and what are some of the warning signs? Some of these may include:

       any new injuries that cannot be explained

       any lost or missing items such as clothing, school supplies, jewelry, or video games

       withdrawal from school such as: poor grades, not wanting to go, consistent complaints of not feeling well

       frequent nightmares and trouble sleeping at night as well as difficulty paying attention

       decreased appetite or sudden onset of overconsumption of food

            Being able to recognize these signs is surely important because not all children who are bullied will ask for help.  Children may fear telling an adult because they may feel that they are being a “tattletale” and this can cause further problems among their peers.  Children may also feel that they have no one to turn to.  Unfortunately, not all children have a good support system, and so they may feel that they are on their own and this makes them even more vulnerable to bullying.

            So what can we do to help prevent bullying?  First off, children need to know what bullying really is.  Some children may not be aware that anything is abnormal, and so it is our job to spread the word and let our little ones know what is and what is not acceptable behavior.  If children are able to understand that something is wrong, they may be more likely to speak up.  We have to let them know that we are there for them, whether it’s your child, your student, or some little one that you just happen to know, encouraging them to share thoughts and feelings will allow them to open up about anything that is on their mind.

            If we are a witness to bullying, then it is our job to step in and stop it immediately.  The sooner an intervention happens, then the more likely that the problem will not escalate.  The children should be separated immediately to ensure safety.  Remember to stay calm and do not immediately question the children involved, but do not ignore the problem either.  It is best to let everyone calm down and then you can get to the root of the problem by asking each child about the incident on their own.  This prevents the children from arguing and lets you calmly assess the situation to try and find a resolution to the problem.

            Just remember that bullying is a serious issue.  It may arise from situations such as a little girl teasing a little boy she has a crush on, but it can also be far more serious than that.  Our nannies at Nanny Boutique have encountered different experiences with many children here alone in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Morrisville, and Apex areas.  If you EVER suspect that any kind of physical abuse or weapons are involved in the situation, you should immediately call for the police and/or medical attention.  Physical harm is never okay and should always be taken seriously.  By calling for help immediately, you could save someone’s life.

The Nanny Boutique is a nanny and babysitting agency that specializes in placing caregivers or babysitters and nannies in the Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill areas.


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A Stroll in the Park with Nanny Boutique

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

            Here at the Nanny Boutique, we do a lot of hotel babysitting and out-of-towners are always asking us what it is like to live in the Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, and Apex area.  They know that our area consists of many booming and neighboring cities and that many businesses make up our Raleigh area, but what they don’t realize is how green our busy city life is.  It doesn’t matter if you are in Morrisville, Holly Springs, Cary, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, or Durham… everywhere you look there are trees and grass- which means there are plenty of parks around every corner!  In fact there are so many parks in our Raleigh Durham area, which it sometimes almost makes it difficult to choose which one to go to!

            Did you know that Raleigh itself has two state parks?  William B. Umstead park in Morrisville and Raleigh offers 22 miles worth of hiking trails along with camping, picnicking, canoe rentals, fishing, horseback riding, and mountain biking trails.  Falls Lake State Recreational Area in North Raleigh also offers camping, hiking, picnicking fishing, and boating as well as swimming, and playgrounds.  The best part is that admission is free with small rental fees for the canoes. Between these two parks, there is plenty of fun for the whole family- and that’s not the end of it!

            It may seem like two state parks are enough, but there are over 59 parks in the greater Raleigh area.  Between Fuquay-Varina, Apex, Chapel Hill, Durham, Morrisville, Cary, and Raleigh, there are more than 10,000 acres of Greenways and recreational areas for you and the family to explore.  Some of our favorites include: Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, Fred G. Bond Park in Cary, Shelley Lake Park in Raleigh, Morrisville Community Park in Morrisville, Bass Lake Park in Holly Springs, Homestead Park in Chapel Hill, and Apex Community Park in Apex.

            Have you been to any of these parks lately? During these warm summer months, it’s always nice to get outdoors and find some inexpensive activities for the family! And the next time you run into an out-of-towner?  Well you’ll certainly know where to tell them to visit!  So what are you waiting for?  There’s a park somewhere in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Apex, or Chapel Hill right around the corner waiting for you and your family!

The Nanny Boutique is a nanny and babysitting agency that specializes in placing caregivers or babysitters and nannies in the Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill areas.

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Encourage Children to Relax by Picking Up a Book

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


As summer approaches parents in Raleigh,Cary, Apex and Chapel Hill are scrambling to find activities for their kids. When they aren’t taking their kids to the neighborhood pool or Pullen Park in Raleigh, they are trying to find activities around the home to do.


Families around Cary can be seen playing outside with sidewalk chalk or jump ropes. Children in Apex ride their bikes, roller blades and skateboards through the neighborhood. In Holly Springs you can find Dads outside barbequing, Moms gardening, and children walking the dog.


There are so many activities to enjoy throughout Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and Apex, but lets face it… Sometimes we just get tired. Parents need a break too, even in the summer. It seems as though the number one go to for tired parents is to pick up the remote and plop the kids in front of the television, just to get a few moments of peace.


Why do we need to resort to the television in times of need? Instead, why don’t we have our children pick up a good book to read? There is no rule that you have to read a book to your children in order for them to enjoy it- even if your child is not of reading age there is plenty of enjoyment that can be found from simply looking at pictures.


Not only that- but we just found a great rainy day activity for the whole family to enjoy! Why not take a weekly trip out to a Wake County Public Library. There are locations throughout Holly Springs,Cary,Raleigh, Apex, Durham and Chapel Hill:


Cary Community Library

310 S. Academy Street

CaryNC 27511

Baby Story Time every Wednesday at 9:30am


Holly Springs Community Library

300 W. Ballentine St.

Holly Springs, NC 27540

Family Story Time every Thursday at 6pm


Eva Perry Regional Library

2100 Shepherd’s Vineyard Drive

ApexNC 27502

Toddler Story Time every Monday andFriday at 10:30am


For more information on Wake County Public Libraries and for more events visit them:http://www.wakegov.com/libraries/Pages/default.aspx


Allow your little ones to pick out their favorite books, and next time you are looking for some peace and quiet you won’t need to resort to turning on the television.


Children are learning when you least expect it- what better way to encourage relaxation and growth than reading? There are books for all ages to enjoy, from Dr. Suess to Fancy Nancy- even simple books about construction, trucks, or transportation. Younger children can enjoy Bob Books, which encourage reading at a young age. As they get older they may enjoy Disney Classics or Junie B. Jones.


As your children grow they will begin to learn that reading is not something boring, or something they need to do for homework, but it can really be enjoyable. Try to foster these feelings the next time you need a moment alone.


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